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Your information service partner

Our Mission

We provide you with information that is difficult to access in order to answer your questions regarding all possible technological issues. We condense and evaluate these information and create a reliable basis for decision making in your company.  Unbiased, neutral and at high speed. In this way, we help you to avoid misguided investments, to anticipate future trends and to quickly achieve the desired project goals.

Our objective: finding the one, crucial answer to your question
Our job: You ask – and the problem is solved.

Influence the technology sector

  • information procurement to technology fields and subjects that are difficult to access
  • avoiding misinvestments
  • anticipating future trends
  • leading projects to the desired result

Trends, Technology and target markets

From initial assessments evaluating whether a certain R&D investment is rentable or not, until detailed overviews over future technology trends – our clients‘ topics are wide-ranging. However, they all have in common one aspect: our clients want the one, crucial answer to their individual question. In this way, misinvestments can be prevented and new technology fields can be spotted quickly. We support you in obtaining the decisive lead on the market.

How do we find your individual answer?

Apart from our own research, we make use of our self-founded global network of 500.000 experts in industry and research.
You ask us – we ask the entire world!

Knowledge in our expert network

  • got stuck in a current project?
  • urgently need a solution for a technological issue?
  • are currently not able to free capacities for your R&D development?
  • or simply want to get rid of a unpleasant task?

dtd is the right partner.

Our expert network is built of scientists and specialized indutry partners in all technological fields: professors, chief engineers, group managers, members of the management board, CEO’s, sales directors, R&D directors, and owners of small and big companies … all of these people in every country of the world. Even if you are searching for a second supplier, our network is at your disposal for (practically) every question.




CALL: +49(0)821 508610

dtd: advantages for your company

  • Project management in all fields of technology
  • Expert network in science and technology
  • Direct contact person
  • Easy, friendly and quick processing of your individual request
  • Professionally founded assistance and solution approaches

Our Team

Founded in 2003 by three innovative minds, dtd currently employs 18 people. We are united by the joy of solving tough complexities, the pleasure in communicating and an unstoppable curiosity. We continue working for you as long as is necessary to find the one, crucial answer to your question.

We believe in one essential aspect:

You need answers, not compromises.


Dr. Frank Simon

„… Mit Ihrem Angebot TA 13 017 haben Sie uns sehr geholfen. Aufgrund der Art und Weise, wie Sie unsere Anfrage bearbeitet haben, würde ich jedem meiner Kollegen empfehlen, sich mit einer Idee an Sie zu wenden. Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihr Engagement.“

Dr. Frank SimonLeibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.
Olaf Brauckmann | Leitung Technik

„… Ihre diskrete und professionelle Arbeitsweise schätzen wir in höchstem Maße …“

Olaf Brauckmann | Leitung TechnikMEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GMBH

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