Frequently asked questions

1. What does the DTD exactly do?

The DTD gathers information regarding technological questions using its unique network in the global research and industry. This network consists of more than 400,000 people.

2. How does the DTD proceed?

Depending on the project and on the demands of the clients we get in direct contact with a different number of persons of the dtd network sending them an anonymous technology request and asking them for their ideas to solve the problem. With these ideas, we prepare an individual technology report adding also numerous background information regarding persons, companies or research institutes.

3. Why is anybody in the DTD-network?

Partners in the dtd network assume that within the scope of the technology request they can get in contact with the clients and use their own knowledge in cooperations financed by the client.

4. Do you have nondisclosure agreements with everyone in your network?

No. We only forward information that is not confidential.

5. What is the fee to participate in your network?

The passive participation in the DTD network is free of charge.

6. How is the network organized?

The network is divided into two units: research and industry. These units are subdivided into three sub-units: DE/CH/AT, EU and global. Each sub-unit consists of 144 special fields. The participants of the dtd network classify themselves into the right fields according to their interests.

7. How long does a project take?

In general, a project takes six weeks – starting from the draft of the technology request until the finished technology report.

8. Why does anybody answer a request?

Because the participant wants to share his expertise with the client within a cooperation.

9. How is the confidentiality in your network protected?

In our technology report, we only use information that is not confidential. The identity of the respective client remains secret. Furthermore, by request persons or companies can be excluded from the direct distribution of the technology request.

10. What distinguishes the DTD from its competitors?

Besides the individuality of the network, especially the modular approach, the speed within the project and the cost structure distinguishes the DTD from its competitors.

11. Do we have to pay a fee to participate in a project?

No. If, within the project, it comes to a cooperation the respective client takes over the financial part.

12. How many people do you ask in a project?

Depending on the project dimension and on the sub-units in the network that we ask, we contact between 4,000 and 20,000 people.

13. Can I determine the project dimension on my own?

Yes, the network is modular, so this is individually possible.

14. How do you establish the contact between the possible partners?

After the project, the client gets directly in touch with the technology suppliers chosen by him. Every participant of the project receives a feedback through the DTD.

15. Who can participate in your network?

Everyone who is an expert in a technical branch and who is willing to share his expertise with others.

16. Do you sell products?

No. However, from case to case we spread into our network technology offers, which means the search for industrial cooperation partners for funded projects at federal state level and EU level as well as the search for licensees of patented technologies.

17. Whom do you ask within a project?

Within a project, we ask all persons in the respective branches in the dtd network, based on the specifications of the client regarding project and distribution dimensions.

18. What are the project results?

You receive a technology report that, besides the individual ideas to solve a problem, also includes extensive background material regarding the provider of the solution, his references and activities combined with further information and, of course, his complete contact details.

19. Do you assume also the complete project management?

Yes, within cooperations we also assume larger projects.