Should we start this project or that one?
How can I achieve a technological lead?
How can I improve my product?
How can I secure my company in the long term?
Who will help me out of a technological crisis?
How do I quickly get a prototype to implement my idea?
Should I invest in a new technoloy?
How do I improve my degree of innovation?
How do I increase my turnover and profit?
How do I optimize my processes and procedures?
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Typical questions to which we have the answers!


Only those who ask the right questions will get the right answers. And we do that for you. Since 2003, we have perfected the way we provide technology-oriented consulting - and we use this as a way to lead you to results.

When running your day-to-day business or  implementing long-term strategies, bottlenecks in all kinds appear. Mostly, it requires a lot of time and money to overcome these. In addition, you loose in efficiency when tying up employees who are urgently needed elsewhere. Moreover, often there is a lack of knowledge or relevant information outside of the core competencies. A good moment to contact the dtd. Within a short period of time you  receive well-founded, reliable information and answers to your questions. Or better: we simply realize your complete project from the idea to the prototype.


From our global network. Because: More than 600,000 people from research and industry are available to you "at the push of a button".

These are direct contacts from research and industry, who are there to give us advice and support when we ask you. The network lives from personal contacts, from togetherness and from mutual respect for each other.

In order to stay up-to-date, we are constantly expanding our unique worldwide network.

Would you like to be part of the network? Then register here.

Do you have experience with dtd, or would you like to share? See what other customers have written or leave us a comment. We are happy to receive your review!

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The answer is often only one phone call away.

Or you come by for a coffee and we get to know each other personally!

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