Deutscher Technologiedienst GmbH operates the dtd-Innovationsfabrik with the four business units dtd-research, dtd-project, dtd-consult and dtd-coach. The Innovation Factory combines different competences under one roof. It supports you with questions, topics and tasks, the answering and solution of which will bring your company a decisive step forward. Behind all this is our network of around 600,000 people from industry and research, whom we can consult on all topics.

Our business units

No matter what information is needed from which industry, we obtain it through our unique, protected and global network with more than 600,000 personal contacts from research and industry. This provides you with the appropriate and central information to solve your current questions.

For you, dtd-project focuses on a solution-oriented approach including rapid implementation. The concept proposals as a basis for the solutions come from dtd-research. We start where almost everyone stops: We do not tell you what you should do, but do it together with you. Until the successful end.

Technology-oriented consulting for technical due diligence, buy & build strategy, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and new business development.

We offer personal and solution-oriented coaching by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. With an independent view from the outside and similar background knowledge, we accompany executives both in difficult operational processes and issues as well as in personal crises.

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About us

Deutscher Technologiedienst GmbH (dtd) was founded in 2003 as a service provider in the field of open innovation with a focus on technology procurement and technology marketing.


Over almost twenty years, the company has evolved into an innovation factory with dedicated business units to address the changing needs of new and long-term clients.
A key component of dtd has always been its unique and global network of over 600,000 direct contacts from industry and research.


Due to the organisational structure, each business unit is supervised by a Main Senior Consultant, who draws on the strong hands of many other employees from a wide range of disciplines.

dtd research

Florian Strehle

dtd project

Natalia Reichert

dtd consult

Sandra Trappolin

dtd coach

Markus Mann


Deutscher Technologiedienst GmbH