The dtd innovation factory

Are you facing any entrepreneurial challenges, do you have a vague idea that you cannot implement on your own or do you urgently need solutions for technological tasks?

In our dtd innovation factory, with 600,000 employees from research and industry worldwide we’ll focus on your challenge, and work on a solution via an agile process – enlisting the relevant specialists from among our 600,000 employees on a case-by-case basis.

These 600,000 employees are members of our network, i.e. direct contacts who are there to help us when we ask them. The network thrives on personal contacts, on togetherness and on mutual respect for each other.

In our pre-development phase, we’ll evaluate your ideas, develop initial solutions, check feasibility and practicability, and gather information for further action.

All results will be presented on our interactive web platform created especially for you. You and your colleagues get your own access to the platform so that the entire project team is always up-to-date during the project.

As part of external procurement, we’ll take care of the necessary solution components, search for new suppliers if necessary, and plan company acquisitions or joint ventures.

Once we have put everything together, we’ll arrange for and supervise the construction of the demonstrator and carry out the first market tests.

In the preliminary acceptance phase, you can then make sure that all your wishes are fulfilled.

If you are satisfied, we’ll bring the project to a close and carry out a final quality assurance check.

After just 2 months, the project will be complete and you have the desired result in your hands.

We’ll help you to avoid bad investments, to find solutions for technological tasks, to identify trends and to achieve your project goals faster.

Since we work for you in an agile process, you can also commission our departments individually and this makes our service flexible for you.