management & founders

Dr. Markus Mann

"The dtd exists since 2004. We take care of all topics related to innovation, technology, materials, business model, patent and licensing for our clients. We use our 600,000 worldwide partners in our own unique network for this. But we don't spend the whole day dealing with hard facts, because there are so many beautiful and delicious things in this world... I myself love to travel, have visited many Caribbean islands, have been to South Africa several times, have eaten spicy food bordering on stomach burn in India and Sri Lanka, have climbed numerous mountains in South Tyrol...and everywhere I have brought something home with me. I like rum, chilies, wines and the hearty South Tyrolean cuisine. And because I have always looked for sources through which I can get the products of the respective countries and journeys to my home, over time I have uncovered a few preferred suppliers, which I would like to introduce to you here. I have chosen one partner for each, who also represents only one speciality and shows high competence there."

Florian Strehle

One of the founding members, shareholders, partners. The man who, from the very beginning, takes care of the transfer of our clients' various requests into a structured and sophisticated project planning. He dives into every detail of every task, no matter how tricky, in order to bring every project to a successful conclusion.

Daniela Dorn

She is the balancing third in the group of founding members and the heart of the administration of our company. Whether personnel issues or finances - everything around the dtd goes over her desk.