About us


Solving puzzles is our passion. Our customer’s tasks and questions are never the same and always require a completely new approach.

So we procure a coating today, find a sensor tomorrow, reassemble a recycling plant the following week, then explore the potential for a new technology after the weekend… …and we also market topics ranging from automotive to dental medicine. And from time to time we restructure entire companies and help them to find their way back on the road to success.

No matter what industry, no matter what company size, no matter what country – every puzzle can be solved.

We achieve this by working together on the issues in our team, through our network connections and by taking an unbiased approach to each issue.

Knowledge is not always to be found where it is sought, and so sometimes unconventional approaches are needed. In addition, there is a lot of heart and soul in our work: data and information are not simply listed or even automatically generated by us, but are organized and coordinated through discussions and real interpersonal contacts. We condense and evaluate the information and provide you with reliable decision-making tools. Impartial, neutral, with great depth and speed.

In this way, we help you to avoid bad investments, identify trends and bring projects quickly to their goal.

And who are we?

Founded in 2003 by three innovative minds, more than 20 people now work for the dtd. We are united by the fun of solving puzzles, the joy of communicating with people and an unstoppable curiosity. We are a motley, heterogeneous bunch of practitioners, theoreticians, lateral thinkers, organizers and doers, who pursue the same goal: to bring your project quickly to its goal. And we never lose sight of the fun. We work for you until we have found the one, decisive answer to your one, important question. Because from our point of view, that is what our service depends on: You need answers and solutions – no excuses.

In short: Work with us – then you had a problem.


The answer is often only one phone call away.

Or you come by for a coffee and we get to know each other personally!

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