About us

What we do

As a technology-oriented consulting firm and innovation factory, we support our clients with entrepreneurial challenges, technological tasks and new ideas that they cannot implement themselves due to time or personnel capacity constraints.

During day-to-day business and the implementation of long-term strategies, there are always bottlenecks that require a lot of time and money to solve. In addition, this ties up staff urgently needed elsewhere. Often there is simply a lack of knowledge or relevant information outside the core competencies.

So this is a good time to turn to us. Within a short time, you will receive reliable results on each component of your technology and innovation strategy, so that you can answer your questions in a well-founded way and finalise your project.

Or better: We simply realise your „idea“ for you right up to the prototype.

Why we do it

We are united by the fun of solving our clients‘ puzzles and tasks, the joy of communicating with people and an unstoppable curiosity.

We are a heterogeneous team of practitioners, theoreticians, organisers and doers who all have the same drive: To bring your project quickly and optimally to its goal. And we never lose sight of the fun in the process.

What matters in our services is this: You need solutions and results – not excuses.

THe origin of the dtd

In 2003, the German Technology Service (dtd) was founded by three innovative minds.

The special name came about in passing: Our CEO, Dr Markus Mann, was walking past the office of his old employer shortly before the company was founded. Lost in thought, he looked at the door sign and pondered….

  • It must be something with „German“ in the name, because of the ongoing project for the BMBF…
  • but the service for industrial customers must be the focus…
  • we take care of technological solutions for customers…

and there he had it: dtd Deutscher Technologiedienst.

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